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Project & Logistics Solutions

We are a freight forwarder specialized in heavy lift and out of gauge cargo. We have highly capable staff with long experience and extensive knowledge in the field of special freight transport. We provide each individual customer with services tailored to specific demands and requirements of the project. We work with our customers to foresee possible obstacles and how to resolve such obstacles so that we can achieve the best results together. Project Forwarding is one of the most complex management tasks in transport.

For FIOTHUS, it’s only a simple, daily routine. Arranging and moving cargo of all kinds are done with the same precision and commitment, which we give to project cargo.

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Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy / Ethics / HSE

FIOTHUS and our partners are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our affairs. We comply with, and promote anti-corruption laws including but not limited to the FCPA, UK Anti Bribery act, the OECD convention and others. We are committed to promoting fair competition and compliance both externally and internally within our organization with regular forums and training for all staff.

We promote a healthy workplace and corporate culture which we see as a benefit for both staff and clients.

FIOTHUS and our partners follow the highest HSE standards. We perform route surveys / risk assessments and can tailor our policy accordingly to ensure no matter where we work, or what we move, we ensure best practice on HSE matters.